Friday December 3, 2021

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Welcome to! Brought to you by AC-U-KWIK® and FuelerLinxTM

Say goodbye to those wasted hours spent entering your FBO's username and password multiple times across numerous websites.

What can Acufuel do for your FBO?

  • The Acufuel system allows FBOs to broadcast individual and unique pricing to dozens of different fuel programs and websites!
  • Acufuel makes it easy to manage multiple fuel relationships - FBOs use acufuel, as a single point of entry, to manage contract fuel programs and web based information sites.
  • Acufuel increases price update capability – Important for fuel companies in a market where timely fuel quotes are few and far between.
  • Acufuel increases accuracy – A countdown feature removes data that is no longer current. Auto generated reminders prompt FBO's to update expired pricing.
  • Acufuel provides consistency – By standardizing the price updates process, integration into back office management software and online databases becomes an easier task for fuel vendors to implement.

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Acufuel enables FBO's to save time by securely dispatching and organizing fuel price data in one central spot.

Kevin Moller