Friday December 3, 2021

Here's how acufuel works

  1. After reading this page, sign up to participate in the Acufuel Program by clicking "Enroll" at the bottom of this page.
  2. Once you enroll in the Acufuel program, you will be able to change your retail price and/or your direct price at any time. Your direct pricing can be displayed as:
    • A direct entered fixed price
    • A Cost + percentage
    • A Cost + dollar markup
    • An Into Plane Fee
    • Your Posted Retail Price
  3. In order to keep pricing current in the system, prices will expire after a "user entered" number of days. An FBO must login to the system, in order to restart the expiration timer. This method reduces obsolete data by removing it out of your database.
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Acufuel enables FBO's to save time by securely dispatching and organizing fuel price data in one central spot.

Kevin Moller